नरेगा परिपत्र प्रकार :

Seelct Category
S.No.CategorySubject Date
1AdministrationBroadband connections for speedy online MIS.09/01/2012 Open File
2FinancialSanction order No. 2704/01/2012 Open File
3FinancialPending liabilities and balance amount of SGRY and NFFWP.02/01/2012 Open File
4AdministrationClarification regarding paid holiday after every 6 working days under MGNREGA.02/01/2012 Open File
5AdministrationDrive for form no. 6 for remaining period of FY 2011-12.19/12/2011 Open File
6FinancialSanction order no. 2616/12/2011 Open File
7BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraReg. space for branch post office at BNRGSK14/12/2011 Open File
8FinancialPrecaution regarding maintaining of funds and cheques13/12/2011 Open File
9AdministrationAdministrative Expenses under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.12/12/2011 Open File
10BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraFeeding information of sifting NREGA Dep. in BNRGSK and furniture facilities in www.reilsolar.com.07/12/2011 Open File
11FinancialMinutes of VC dated 1.12.2011 on financial management.07/12/2011 Open File
12AdministrationConstruction of Road- Interlocking road not allowed.02/12/2011 Open File
13AdministrationLeave without pay to contract employees.01/12/2011 Open File
14AdministrationDirection regarding incomplete works to be completed.01/12/2011 Open File
15FinancialMaintenance of MGNREGA Bank Account01/12/2011 Open File
16BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraExpenditure on inauguration and maintenance of BNRGSK.01/12/2011 Open File
17AdministrationDeployment of Mate30/11/2011 Open File
18FinancialSanction order No. 2529/11/2011 Open File
19AdministrationConstruction of IHHL in MGNREGA with TSC convergence28/11/2011 Open File
20BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraTo handover the identified place of BNRGSK to service provider23/11/2011 Open File
21BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraTo feeding the progress of BNRGSK in MIS & reil software23/11/2011 Open File
22GuidelinesRoof Top Rain Water Harvesting Structures in all Govt. Buildings22/11/2011 Open File
23BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding construction of BNRGSK in school / play ground campus22/11/2011 Open File
24AdministrationRoof top rain water harvesting structure in all Govt. Buildings22/11/2011 Open File
25AdministrationHow to maintain 60:40 ratio - clarification17/11/2011 Open File
26FinancialRelease of state share.14/11/2011 Open File
27AdministrationIncreasing Salary of Computer operator with machine through agency.08/11/2011 Open File
28AdministrationVillage Infrastructure Development04/11/2011 Open File
29Social AuditGuide lines for second phase of six monthly Social Audit.02/11/2011 Open File
30BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraIncreasing BNRGSK Cost of work.08/10/2011 Open File
31AdministrationContingency Charges on the NREGS works executed by the NGO06/10/2011 Open File
32BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraReg. Safty at Work site.05/10/2011 Open File
33Administration200 days employment for sahariyas of baran district05/10/2011 Open File
34MPR-MISRegarding Labour Budget 2011-12 entry on MIS03/10/2011 Open File
35BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraSecurity of BNRGSK.23/09/2011 Open File
36Testing Title23/09/2011 Open File
37Testing Form23/09/2011 Open File
38AdministrationWorks related to maintenance of Anicuts and Canals in AAP 2012-13.23/09/2011 Open File
39Testing Title23/09/2011 Open File
40AdministrationJob chart of Programme officer and APO under MGNREGA.23/09/2011 Open File
41GuidelinesGuidelines for inter district works under MGNREGA21/09/2011 Open File
42Testing Title21/09/2011 Open File
43Testing Title21/09/2011 Open File
44FinancialMinutes of meeting with CPMG dated on 13.09.201121/09/2011 Open File
45AdministrationJob chart of coordinator IEC and coordinator Training.20/09/2011 Open File
46FinancialRegarding closing balance information in CA report for the year 2010-1119/09/2011 Open File
47AdministrationMGNREGA success stories coordinator IEC to upload every fortnight.19/09/2011 Open File
48AdministrationProcedure of due payments in case of objection by NREGA standing committee.16/09/2011 Open File
49AdministrationDirections regarding time bound facilities being given to contractual employees under MGNREGS.16/09/2011 Open File
50FinancialSanction order No. 1416/09/2011 Open File
51FinancialRegarding pending U C.15/09/2011 Open File
52FinancialSanction order No.1314/09/2011 Open File
53AdministrationConvergence of all schemes with MGNREGS.14/09/2011 Open File
54FinancialResponsibilities regarding irregularities in constt. work.13/09/2011 Open File
55AdministrationConstruction of wells under MGNREGS.12/09/2011 Open File
56FinancialGuideline regarding Fund Management at Panchayat Samitti level09/09/2011 Open File
57FinancialRegarding Submission of CA Report09/09/2011 Open File
58FinancialSanction order No.1108/09/2011 Open File
59FinancialSenction order 01/2011-1205/09/2011 Open File
60AdministrationRegarding Labour Budget 2011-12 entry on MIS03/09/2011 Open File
61FinancialCondition regarding release of funds29/08/2011 Open File
62AdministrationConst. of individual toilets under convergence of MGNREGA with TSC26/08/2011 Open File
63AdministrationWater Herversting structure can be made under CMs BPL housing scheme in MGNREGA.24/08/2011 Open File
64Administration200 days employment for Kherua Caste in Baran district.19/08/2011 Open File
65Administration200 days employment to Kathori tribe of Udaipur district.19/08/2011 Open File
66AdministrationDirections regarding contractual appointment of APO under MGNREGA.18/08/2011 Open File
67AdministrationPenalty for not making groupwise payment.18/08/2011 Open File
68GuidelinesGuidelines for Annual Action Plan & Labour Budget 2012-13.17/08/2011 Open File
69FinancialParticipation of relative tender process.16/08/2011 Open File
70AdministrationMGNREGA contact employee problems solution.16/08/2011 Open File
71FinancialNotification 08.09.201109/08/2011 Open File
72BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraGram Sat shifting06/08/2011 Open File
73AdministrationRight to Apeal.29/07/2011 Open File
74FinancialCA 2010-11.25/07/2011 Open File
75FinancialProcedure for funds transfer to CCB14/07/2011 Open File
76FinancialSenction no. 07 / 2011-1214/07/2011 Open File
77AdministrationRivision of T.S. & F.S.13/07/2011 Open File
78Administration200 days employment to KATHODI families of Kotda and Jhadol PS in Udaipur12/07/2011 Open File
79AdministrationTime in NREGA12/07/2011 Open File
80AdministrationConvergence of MGNREGS with MP/ MLA lad fund07/07/2011 Open File
81BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraMini Bank No Partition Required04/07/2011 Open File
82AdministrationResponsibility to issue cheques in MGNREGS03/07/2011 Open File
83BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding the shifting of Gramset/Setcom of PS level BNRGSK02/07/2011 Open File
84AdministrationProvide labour to Line Department01/07/2011 Open File
85Social AuditMGNREGA Social audit Rules 201130/06/2011 Open File
86Social AuditMGNREGA Social Audit Rules 2011 of Deletion of Para 13(b) of Schedule I of30/06/2011 Open File
87AdministrationRelexatation in qualification of APO.29/06/2011 Open File
88BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraClear directions to follow orders as per dated 01.04.2011 agreement for facilities at BNRGSK29/06/2011 Open File
89AdministrationGroupwise measurement penalty for disobedience29/06/2011 Open File
90GuidelinesAmended Agreement Form for NGO29/06/2011 Open File
91FinancialRegarding Purchasing materials at GP28/06/2011 Open File
92AdministrationTime and Task change in MGNREGS from 27/06/201125/06/2011 Open File
93AdministrationRegarding Construction of Toilet at BNRGSK24/06/2011 Open File
94AdministrationStatus of Sanctioned works24/06/2011 Open File
95FinancialRegarding Rules for transfering money.23/06/2011 Open File
96AdministrationWater Harvesting Tanka in Abadi Land- permission.21/06/2011 Open File
97FinancialRegarding Training for Payment through Post Office21/06/2011 Open File
98AdministrationAdd. Employment for Saharia Families Baran16/06/2011 Open File
99Social AuditRegarding Security and Police Arragement in MGNREGA Social Audit Gram Sabha.15/06/2011 Open File
100Social AuditRegarding MGNREGA First Social Audit work of year 2011-1215/06/2011 Open File
101BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraSolar & PV Training Programme01/06/2011 Open File
102GuidelinesAmendment in guideline for individual beneficiary works.27/05/2011 Open File
103AdministrationWork Division among various Executive Engineers in Zila Parishad.27/05/2011 Open File
104BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraPermission to engage unskilled labour in two shifts under BNRGSK upto 30.06.201124/05/2011 Open File
105FinancialAccountants of other deptts also authorised to be member of GP Level tender Committee24/05/2011 Open File
106FinancialSubmission_of_CA_2010-11_before_30.09.201124/05/2011 Open File
107AdministrationNorms for Training Expenditure.23/05/2011 Open File
108FinancialNorms for Training Expenditure.23/05/2011 Open File
109AdministrationProcedure to lodge FIR19/05/2011 Open File
110Social AuditDuties of Facilitators.16/05/2011 Open File
111Social AuditMG NREGA Social Audit Training.16/05/2011 Open File
112FinancialInformation regarding release of 1st instalment13/05/2011 Open File
113BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Providing Space for other Agency at BNRGSK13/05/2011 Open File
114AdministrationDirections regarding contractual appointment under MGNREGA13/05/2011 Open File
115AdministrationProcedure to make labour Groups in e-muster roll13/05/2011 Open File
116FinancialRegd.Utilization certificate .12/05/2011 Open File
117FinancialRegarding Adjustment of Pending U.Cs.12/05/2011 Open File
118AdministrationWard Panch as authorised to accept demand form No. 6 .12/05/2011 Open File
119AdministrationChange in NREGA Working time w.e.f. 13.05.2011.12/05/2011 Open File
120AdministrationTo tell about incomplete works/works not started to the ZP/PS.09/05/2011 Open File
121AdministrationRegarding payment of T. A.08/05/2011 Open File
122AdministrationChargah Development05/05/2011 Open File
123AdministrationGroup Measurement.05/05/2011 Open File
124Social AuditGuide lines for seond phase of six monthly Social Audit.01/05/2011 Open File
125Social AuditRegarding Social Audit Training of BRP, SA Committee and member for the year 2011-12.29/04/2011 Open File
126Social AuditRegarding MGNREGA Social Audit work for the year 2011-12.29/04/2011 Open File
127AdministrationDirections regarding contractual appointment of APO.29/04/2011 Open File
128Social AuditRegarding MGNREGA Social Audit work for the year 2011-12.29/04/2011 Open File
129Financialregarding tendor for FY 2011-1226/04/2011 Open File
130AdministrationWorking time of MGNREGS Labourers in summer season26/04/2011 Open File
131AdministrationHoliday on Labour day i.e. 01.05.201125/04/2011 Open File
132AdministrationAppraisal of contractual employees21/04/2011 Open File
133AdministrationPrecaution while sanctioning precast interlocking tiles / block works20/04/2011 Open File
134AdministrationPrecaution while sanctioning precast interlocking tiles / block works20/04/2011 Open File
135GuidelinesMaking Pucca Water Courses (Dhora) in MGNREGA19/04/2011 Open File
136GuidelinesPayment of Unemployment Allowance in MGNREGA19/04/2011 Open File
137AdministrationProcedure for issuing of new Job Card incase of division of the family19/04/2011 Open File
138BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraIndividual Beneficiaries Works in MGNREGA15/04/2011 Open File
139FinancialPayment Process through Cooperative Society13/04/2011 Open File
140GuidelinesComplete guidelines for individual beneficiary works as per order dated 4/5/11 & 27/5/11.05/04/2011 Open File
141AdministrationGuidelines for individual beneficiaries works05/04/2011 Open File
142AdministrationRegarding enhancement of Honorarium of Contractual Class IV, Data Entry Operator and Gram Rojgar Sah04/04/2011 Open File
143AdministrationAmendment in Draft Contract Agreement dated 28.02.201103/04/2011 Open File
144AdministrationMate wage revision from 01.01.201103/04/2011 Open File
145BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraSpace For Mini Bank in BNRGSK03/04/2011 Open File
146BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding cost Excalation GP level BNRGSK02/04/2011 Open File
147BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraAdditional work at GP level BNRGSK for providing space to Mini Bank02/04/2011 Open File
148AdministrationAlternate Arrangement for receiving Form No. 6 direction (amendment in letter dated 31.01.2011)02/04/2011 Open File
149AdministrationWorks taken up under Mahatma Gandh NREGA02/04/2011 Open File
150AdministrationModel estimate for Category-IV works.29/03/2011 Open File
151FinancialAdjustment of Pending Utilization Certificate28/03/2011 Open File
152AdministrationInternal roads construction with interlocking tiles and kharanja.28/03/2011 Open File
153AdministrationDevelopment of Pasture Land. C.M. Budget Announcement26/03/2011 Open File
154FinancialSanction Order No. 07/2010-1124/03/2011 Open File
155AdministrationImplementing Agency for Gravel Road under MGNREGA23/03/2011 Open File
156AdministrationInformation regarding filling up of Contractual Agreement21/03/2011 Open File
157AdministrationIssuance of Job Card21/03/2011 Open File
158BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding safety on constructions site18/03/2011 Open File
159BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding not to construct BNRGSK in schools17/03/2011 Open File
160FinancialRegarding feeding of expenditure on MIS for the year 2010-1114/03/2011 Open File
161AdministrationDraft Contract Agreement for employees employed as contract under MGNREGA after 28.02.201128/02/2011 Open File
162FinancialTender Publication for material procurement28/02/2011 Open File
163AdministrationVideo Confressing by CHIEF SECRETARY on 08.03.201125/02/2011 Open File
164AdministrationRegarding National e-Governance25/02/2011 Open File
165AdministrationSanction Order No. 646/2010-11under Amrita Devi Vishnoi25/02/2011 Open File
166FinancialRegarding tender for material under MGNREGA financial year 2011-1224/02/2011 Open File
167AdministrationCompensation in case of delay payment24/02/2011 Open File
168AdministrationAction against contractual staff if do not work18/02/2011 Open File
169FinancialAmrita Devi Vishnoi Yojna Sanction17/02/2011 Open File
170Social AuditCircular of remuneration to Social Audit committee members.17/02/2011 Open File
171AdministrationProcedure of enquiry in serious matter15/02/2011 Open File
172GuidelinesIssuance/Renewal of Jobcards of Families Affected by National Calamities, Mass Dislocation14/02/2011 Open File
173FinancialSanction Order No. 06/2010-1114/02/2011 Open File
174AdministrationWork distribution among different XEns at the district headquarters.09/02/2011 Open File
175AdministrationAdvertisement for the post of DLR on contract basis.09/02/2011 Open File
176AdministrationRegarding unique code of works.06/02/2011 Open File
177AdministrationNew Contract Agreement as per Hon ble high court directions02/02/2011 Open File
178AdministrationAlternate Arrangement for receiving Form No. 6 direction31/01/2011 Open File
179AdministrationRevised wage rate under MGNREGS with effect from 01.01.201125/01/2011 Open File
180AdministrationRegarding tender of consolidation of Gravel & W. B. M. in MGNREGA by line Department24/01/2011 Open File
181AdministrationRegarding Construction of Road work by Public works Department under MGNREGA19/01/2011 Open File
182BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraReg Various Services at BNRGSK & condition to use premise by other partners04/01/2011 Open File
183BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraVarious Services at BNRGSK & condition to use premise by other partners.04/01/2011 Open File
184Financialregarding administrative expenditure.31/12/2010 Open File
185AdministrationAmendment in powers for revised Technical Sanction (point no. 7.4.2 of Tech. Guideline - 2010)30/12/2010 Open File
186AdministrationOnline timely disposal of Public Grivences on website www.nrega.nic.in30/12/2010 Open File
187AdministrationOnline timely disposal of Public Grivences on website www.nrega.nic.in29/12/2010 Open File
188AdministrationJTA Honorarium under MGNREGA28/12/2010 Open File
189AdministrationEx-gratia for Mate under the MGNREGA28/12/2010 Open File
190AdministrationAmendment in NGO Guidelines 21/12/1021/12/2010 Open File
191AdministrationEngagement of CSOs / NGOs in the implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA16/12/2010 Open File
192AdministrationNGO Guidelines dated 12/10/10 in Continuation with 13/04/10 and 22/09/1010/12/2010 Open File
193AdministrationDirections for recording of minutes of Social Audit Gram Sabha in a prescribed format and uploading 08/12/2010 Open File
194MPR-MISLetter from CS to All DPC regarding MIS feeding & alerts under MGNREGA07/12/2010 Open File
195BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraDisposal of Disputed cites of BNRGSk07/12/2010 Open File
196BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraConstruction of BNRGSK through a committee incase GP do not work07/12/2010 Open File
197AdministrationAdditional post of XEN in 8 Districts05/12/2010 Open File
198AdministrationRegarding Annual Increment of Contractual Staff04/12/2010 Open File
199AdministrationNew Instruction Regarding Computer Operator with Machine04/12/2010 Open File
200AdministrationClarification for AEn and LDC03/12/2010 Open File
201AdministrationAgenda points for VC held on 15.03.10 to 18.03.1003/12/2010 Open File
202AdministrationPenalty for Delayed payments in MGNREGA30/11/2010 Open File
203FinancialRegarding Payment of labour through Post Office26/11/2010 Open File
204AdministrationInformation Regarding Providing Pre-Paid Mobile CUG Plan-110023/11/2010 Open File
205AdministrationDeduction of Vat22/11/2010 Open File
206AdministrationRationalization of posts at ZP, PS and GP level22/11/2010 Open File
207AdministrationDeployment of contractual staff within permission Adm. Expenditure.22/11/2010 Open File
208AdministrationRestoration of canal through Water user Association22/11/2010 Open File
209FinancialRegarding Bank Accounts18/11/2010 Open File
210AdministrationRevised Expression of Interest for setting up of Call Center under MGNREGS Rajasthan16/11/2010 Open File
211AdministrationTo Inform labourers about daily payble wage under MGNREGA15/11/2010 Open File
212AdministrationSpecial Audit of GPs with maximum expenditure under MGNREGA10/11/2010 Open File
213AdministrationEpression of Interest10/11/2010 Open File
214AdministrationEpression of Interest Notice 1/201010/11/2010 Open File
215BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding provision for the Solar Photo Voltic System during Construction of BNRGSK08/11/2010 Open File
216AdministrationRegarding Right To Information Act 200503/11/2010 Open File
217AdministrationHow to open circulars03/11/2010 Open File
218AdministrationStop Personal and Decorative Advertisments02/11/2010 Open File
219BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding the uploading information of BNRGSK in NREGA Software29/10/2010 Open File
220AdministrationPrashashan Gaon Ke sang Abhiyan 2010 NREGS Agenda26/10/2010 Open File
221AdministrationWork Distribution ADPC I & II25/10/2010 Open File
222AdministrationGram Panchayat to be implementing Agency - in convergence of MGNREGA with Watershed22/10/2010 Open File
223BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding the Display of information of SPV system at BNRGSK22/10/2010 Open File
224BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding the utilization certificate of Expenditure at BNRGSK in BRGF19/10/2010 Open File
225AdministrationMIS work through out source19/10/2010 Open File
226AdministrationGuidelines for selected NGOs under M Power for Implementation of NREGA13/10/2010 Open File
227AdministrationGuidelines for execution of MGNREGA works through line Departments (PWD, WR, Forest)13/10/2010 Open File
228BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding work order for installation of SPV System at BNRGSK13/10/2010 Open File
229Social AuditOrder for empanelment listing NGOs for Social Audit wotk.12/10/2010 Open File
230Social AuditOrder to complete Social Audit work at 28th October, 2010.12/10/2010 Open File
231AdministrationRange Forest Officers Empowered to pass Muster Rolls in MGNREGA11/10/2010 Open File
232AdministrationDirection for Annual Action Plan 2011-1209/10/2010 Open File
233AdministrationGuideline regarding e-muster roll06/10/2010 Open File
234AdministrationPhysically Handicapped Reservation for Contractual appointments06/10/2010 Open File
235Administrationdeployment of skilled & semi skilled labourers05/10/2010 Open File
236AdministrationInter Department Coordination Committee under NREGA05/10/2010 Open File
237AdministrationRegarding New instructions for Transparency03/10/2010 Open File
238AdministrationDEO GP level02/10/2010 Open File
239AdministrationNo. of maximum Labourer on a worksite and name of the labourers on the MR before issuing from PS02/10/2010 Open File
240BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Training Programme for Soar Photo Voltic System to be installed at BNRGSK30/09/2010 Open File
241Social AuditOrder to complete Social Audit work at 28th October, 2010.28/09/2010 Open File
242AdministrationRenovation of Public wells under MGNREGA28/09/2010 Open File
243AdministrationAmendment to Schedule for Mahatma Gandhi NREGA27/09/2010 Open File
244BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Construction BNRGSK as per old map27/09/2010 Open File
245AdministrationReview as per norms of PRC under MGNREGA27/09/2010 Open File
246BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding isuance of Checklist for complition certificate of BNRGSK24/09/2010 Open File
247AdministrationIssuance of E-Muster Roll- Directions24/09/2010 Open File
248AdministrationAnnual Action Plan & Labour Budget24/09/2010 Open File
249AdministrationC A Audit Report for 2009-1023/09/2010 Open File
250Social AuditOrder regarding upload proceeding of Social Audit Gram Sabha.23/09/2010 Open File
251FinancialSanction Order No. 04/2010-1115/09/2010 Open File
252BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding preparation of Estimates for BNRGSK as per actual Geographical site14/09/2010 Open File
253FinancialRegarding Revolving Fund & NREGA standing Committee Meeting13/09/2010 Open File
254AdministrationAnnual Action Plan 2010-201113/09/2010 Open File
255AdministrationAuthority to issue Computerized Wage List12/09/2010 Open File
256FinancialSanction Order No. 05/2010-1112/09/2010 Open File
257AdministrationPayment to Semi/Skilled labour through bearer cheque09/09/2010 Open File
258AdministrationMIS work through CSC or out sourcing08/09/2010 Open File
259AdministrationRegarding Responsibility of Technical staff for the shortfall during Inspection of BNRGSK07/09/2010 Open File
260BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraQuality Control in BNRGSK07/09/2010 Open File
261BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraImportant Points for construction on black cotton soil for BNRGSK07/09/2010 Open File
262BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraOffice Order Regarding Social Audit 08.07.201007/09/2010 Open File
263AdministrationMonitoring regarding Payment & Muster roll06/09/2010 Open File
264AdministrationUse of Cemant in various construction works02/09/2010 Open File
265AdministrationClarification rgarding use of Contigency in the Estimates31/08/2010 Open File
266AdministrationAction to be taken in case of low wage rate31/08/2010 Open File
267AdministrationDirection on the issues raised in the Meetings of Gram Sevak Sangh26/08/2010 Open File
268AdministrationMoU with REIL regarding solar PV systems at BNRGSK23/08/2010 Open File
269BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding one day Training for installation of Solar Photo Voltic System at BNRGSK23/08/2010 Open File
270BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Important additional guidelines in BNRGSK20/08/2010 Open File
271AdministrationRegarding weekly off in MGNREGA16/08/2010 Open File
272AdministrationRented Vehicle for Social Audit13/08/2010 Open File
273AdministrationRevenue Record entry of Roads constructed under MGNREGA in Revenue Camps12/08/2010 Open File
274AdministrationOffice Order Regarding Social Audit 08.07.201007/08/2010 Open File
275AdministrationChange the name of NREGA06/08/2010 Open File
276AdministrationAmendment Regarding AAO04/08/2010 Open File
277Administrationhonorarium of Gram Rojgar Sahayak04/08/2010 Open File
278GuidelinesLarge scale horticulture plantation for individual benefit under NREGA04/08/2010 Open File
279AdministrationFill Up the Post of NREGA04/08/2010 Open File
280AdministrationEnquiry Report GP-matoria_Hanumangarh02/08/2010 Open File
281AdministrationNREGA Standing Committee02/08/2010 Open File
282AdministrationSpecial drive for U/Cs record02/08/2010 Open File
283AdministrationOrder of MGNREGA-Standing Committee at Gram Panchayat Level02/08/2010 Open File
284AdministrationOrder of MGNREGA-Standing Committee at Gram Panchayat Level02/08/2010 Open File
285AdministrationCollectors power to with hold three grade increments in MGNREGA02/08/2010 Open File
286AdministrationRegarding BNRGSK at PS Level01/08/2010 Open File
287AdministrationTime Bound Program of BNRGSK at GP Level01/08/2010 Open File
288AdministrationInstruction of changes of process of mustroll 08.01.1001/08/2010 Open File
289Grieviances RedressalDistrict Samvad29/07/2010 Open File
290AdministrationAnnual progress report at GP,PS & District level on time bound programme28/07/2010 Open File
291FinancialSanction Order No. 03/2010-1126/07/2010 Open File
292BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRelease of Funds for BNRGSK by DoIT26/07/2010 Open File
293FinancialPending Liabilities22/07/2010 Open File
294MPR-MISRegarding MIS feeding22/07/2010 Open File
295AdministrationPayment Through Group Measurement System20/07/2010 Open File
296FinancialSanction Order No. 02/2010-11120/07/2010 Open File
297FinancialProcedure of Payment made through Cooperative Society19/07/2010 Open File
298AdministrationMinutes of Project e- Governance Mission Team Dated 12 July, 201016/07/2010 Open File
299AdministrationWater Harvesting Structure under MGNREGA specially in desert Districts15/07/2010 Open File
300GuidelinesMonitoring of MR from Issue to Payment14/07/2010 Open File
301BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraSolar System at BNRG Sewa Kendra12/07/2010 Open File
302BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Instruction BNRGSK for officers of NABARD and DoIT10/07/2010 Open File
303AdministrationAnnual Action Plan & Labour Budget 2011-1210/07/2010 Open File
304AdministrationImportant circulars, letters and directions regarding social audit09/07/2010 Open File
305AdministrationExpenditure on Training under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA09/07/2010 Open File
306AdministrationMonthly MGNREGA Samvad at the District Headquarter07/07/2010 Open File
307AdministrationIncrease in Honorarium of GRS from Rs. 2500 to 350004/07/2010 Open File
308AdministrationAdministrative Expenditure in MGNREGA Guidelines30/06/2010 Open File
309Administrationtime task change from 01.07.201030/06/2010 Open File
310AdministrationCA Audit of Financial Year 2010-1125/06/2010 Open File
311AdministrationLimit of cash amount in Branch Post Office24/06/2010 Open File
312AdministrationBirth / Death Registration posters nat NREGS / SGSY Worksites24/06/2010 Open File
313BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRevenue Order22/06/2010 Open File
314AdministrationUpdate MIS for 2010-11upto July 2010 otherwise no fund release by GoI18/06/2010 Open File
315AdministrationPayment through Post Office18/06/2010 Open File
316AdministrationRecovery from public servant/Personnel due to financial irregularities under the scheme16/06/2010 Open File
317BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraUpdated Instruction Regarding BNRGSK14/06/2010 Open File
318AdministrationMinutes of VC dated 7 and 8 June 201014/06/2010 Open File
319AdministrationAmendment in Unemployment Allowance14/06/2010 Open File
320AdministrationNotification under MGNREGA14/06/2010 Open File
321AdministrationAmendment in Point No. 24.3 in Technical Manual 201012/06/2010 Open File
322AdministrationComplience meting of Rajasthan Gram Sewak Sangh09/06/2010 Open File
323BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding selection of Location for Construction of BNRGSK26/05/2010 Open File
324AdministrationTask of Work reduction Carrigendum26/05/2010 Open File
325AdministrationRegular Monitoring & Reporting of Payments Position25/05/2010 Open File
326AdministrationRegarding Publicity in MGNREGA25/05/2010 Open File
327AdministrationTask & Time reduction25/05/2010 Open File
328AdministrationConditions to be added is Contractual Agreement24/05/2010 Open File
329AdministrationPlantation work to be included in GKN21/05/2010 Open File
330AdministrationTime Bound Recovery of Special Audit20/05/2010 Open File
331FinancialMaterial Procurement not received in a cluster - Provision for17/05/2010 Open File
332AdministrationChange of location for Construction of BNRGSK14/05/2010 Open File
333AdministrationFor Distribution of Technical Guideline (Books) to all Districts10/05/2010 Open File
334AdministrationRegarding Supervision, Monitoring & Controling power of District Programme Coordinator10/05/2010 Open File
335FinancialMonitoring process of Material purchase and payment08/05/2010 Open File
336FinancialMonitoring process of Material purchase and payment08/05/2010 Open File
337AdministrationGuidelines regarding purchase of construction material-Single tender & rate received higher or lower04/05/2010 Open File
338AdministrationDuties and Responsibilities of SLO04/05/2010 Open File
339AdministrationSelection of SLO04/05/2010 Open File
340Administrationinformation about AEn posting03/05/2010 Open File
341AdministrationCitizen Charter under MGNREGA02/05/2010 Open File
342AdministrationHoliday on 1st May 2010 instead of 29 April 201030/04/2010 Open File
343AdministrationFinance Department Order30/04/2010 Open File
344AdministrationInstruction Reg. Labour Material Ratio30/04/2010 Open File
345AdministrationFS for works estimate cost more than fifty lacs30/04/2010 Open File
346Administrationcontract format with placement agency regarding man with machine24/04/2010 Open File
347AdministrationMaximum permissible labour on a worksite24/04/2010 Open File
348AdministrationDirection to line Department Regarding Execution of NREGA Works23/04/2010 Open File
349AdministrationTransfer order of XEn`s dated 22.04.201022/04/2010 Open File
350AdministrationPerforma for VC under CS22/04/2010 Open File
351AdministrationChange the time of work19/04/2010 Open File
352AdministrationTransfer of funds for Labour Payment to Mini Banks15/04/2010 Open File
353AdministrationConstruction of Storage structure & plantation under Horticulture under Individual beneficiary schem13/04/2010 Open File
354AdministrationNGOs as implementing agency in MGNREGA13/04/2010 Open File
355AdministrationSelection of Ombudsman10/04/2010 Open File
356Grieviances RedressalMGNREGS Redressal of public Grievances Rules 201008/04/2010 Open File
357BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Roof Work at BNRGSK.06/04/2010 Open File
358AdministrationV.C.Format06/04/2010 Open File
359AdministrationDistrict wise Approved Labour Budget 2010-201105/04/2010 Open File
360FinancialMaterial Procurement where tender not received twice05/04/2010 Open File
361AdministrationMaterial Procurement05/04/2010 Open File
362Grieviances RedressalGrivance Redressal Draft Rules03/04/2010 Open File
363AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Udaipurbada_Banswara02/04/2010 Open File
364FinancialSanction Order No. 27, 31-03-1031/03/2010 Open File
365AdministrationReservation of contractual personsat ZP, PS & GP level31/03/2010 Open File
366AdministrationIndicating Bank/Post offfice account no. in form no. 631/03/2010 Open File
367AdministrationDisqualification of Shri Girraj Kumar Meena the then Programme Officer, PS Bari District Dholpur for29/03/2010 Open File
368AdministrationRegarding Revenue Camp29/03/2010 Open File
369AdministrationInstruction for Sanction post of first phase Districts26/03/2010 Open File
370AdministrationInstruction about JTA & Account Assistant26/03/2010 Open File
371AdministrationRelaxation in Qualification for the post of MIS Manager26/03/2010 Open File
372AdministrationComputer Operator with Machine at GP level26/03/2010 Open File
373AdministrationExpenditure incurred in Material head22/03/2010 Open File
374BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding Change in location of BNRGSK22/03/2010 Open File
375BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraChange the place of BNRGSK22/03/2010 Open File
376AdministrationMaximum labour on a work19/03/2010 Open File
377AdministrationRSCIT course for GRS & JTA19/03/2010 Open File
378AdministrationInstruction about Social Audit19/03/2010 Open File
379AdministrationNo labour in a year-No need of Rozgar Sahayak19/03/2010 Open File
380FinancialRegarding Material Procurement19/03/2010 Open File
381AdministrationReg. Travelling Allowance for Contractual Persons19/03/2010 Open File
382AdministrationLine Deptt. works to strat first19/03/2010 Open File
383AdministrationOmbudsmen Panel & Advertisment of Ombudsmen for remaining Districts18/03/2010 Open File
384AdministrationRegarding Departmental Enquary of Panchayati raj timely18/03/2010 Open File
385AdministrationWork division of XEN16/03/2010 Open File
386AdministrationRelease State Employment Gurantee Fund to districts16/03/2010 Open File
387AdministrationTravelling Allowance etc. to Contract Personnels16/03/2010 Open File
388AdministrationRegarding MPR of Harit Rajasthan16/03/2010 Open File
389AdministrationRegarding TOT Programme of GRS15/03/2010 Open File
390MPR-MISRegarding e-Muster roll & online feeding in MIS15/03/2010 Open File
391FinancialTransfer of funds to central Cooperative06/03/2010 Open File
392AdministrationOrder of PS Cooperative Reg. Advance funds for Mini Banks & GSS05/03/2010 Open File
393AdministrationDisqualification of SLO Shri Shyam Bihari Mathur05/03/2010 Open File
394AdministrationExtension_of_post_upto_28021126/02/2010 Open File
395AdministrationConstruction of Boundary Walls of Forest Closures in MGNREGA - Direction19/02/2010 Open File
396AdministrationDRAFT OF AGREEMENT FOR CONTRACT SERVICE19/02/2010 Open File
397AdministrationProvision for contingency in the estimates of PWD16/02/2010 Open File
400BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding the Information of location of GP level BNRGSK11/02/2010 Open File
401AdministrationMaterial Procurement Procedure for Gram Panchayats 2.10.201010/02/2010 Open File
402AdministrationDirection for Wter & Soil Conservation works07/02/2010 Open File
403AdministrationInclusion of items of plantation activities in BSR07/02/2010 Open File
404FinancialTo ensure 100% MIS feeding online proposal and release of funds for speedly release of funds under M07/02/2010 Open File
405FinancialRelease of balance amount of first Installment07/02/2010 Open File
406MPR-MISRegarding MIS Backlog07/02/2010 Open File
407MPR-MISComparison Statement of MIS progress07/02/2010 Open File
408AdministrationRevise Opening Balance07/02/2010 Open File
409AdministrationOnline Proposals for Fund Release under MGNREGA07/02/2010 Open File
410AdministrationSAMWAD- Implementation of MGNREGA03/02/2010 Open File
411AdministrationComplete charge of GP to new elected Sarpanch03/02/2010 Open File
412FinancialInformation Regarding Utilization Certificate02/02/2010 Open File
413BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraInclude the work of BNRGSK in AAP 2010-1123/01/2010 Open File
414AdministrationInclude the work of BNRGSK in AAP 2010-1123/01/2010 Open File
415AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Kanchanpur_Dholpur22/01/2010 Open File
416BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraWHS construction in BNRGSK at PS & GP level22/01/2010 Open File
417AdministrationNREGA known as MGNREGA from 02.10.0921/01/2010 Open File
418AdministrationWomen completion of 100 days in Amrita Devi Bishnoi Yojana21/01/2010 Open File
419AdministrationReg. P. O. On contract20/01/2010 Open File
420AdministrationInstruction for SDO for Effective Inspection system20/01/2010 Open File
421AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Naachna_Jaisalmer20/01/2010 Open File
422Administrationletter to DPC regarding inspection Nachana20/01/2010 Open File
423AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Madhogarh_Alwar19/01/2010 Open File
424AdministrationEffective Implementation of Audit19/01/2010 Open File
425AdministrationHarit Rajasthan Implementation according Hon`ble C.M. Budget Decleration19/01/2010 Open File
426AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Achpura_Sirohi18/01/2010 Open File
427AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Boothiya_Barmer18/01/2010 Open File
428AdministrationEnquiry Report GP Sameliya_Rajsamand13/01/2010 Open File
429GuidelinesProcedure for compensation in cases of delayed payment in MGNREGA12/01/2010 Open File
430AdministrationOrder of ACEO as DPC10/01/2010 Open File
431AdministrationThe Work of NREGA to be done by ACEO Zila Parishad10/01/2010 Open File
432BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraRegarding provision for the Solar Photo Voltic System during Construction of BNRGSK07/01/2010 Open File
433GuidelinesJob Card for retired Govt. Employee07/01/2010 Open File
434GuidelinesClarification regarding category IV works07/01/2010 Open File
435AdministrationFilling of vacant post04/01/2010 Open File
436AdministrationRegarding inspection of Gravel Road under MGNREGA30/12/2009 Open File
437AdministrationRegarding unadjust amount at GP level30/12/2009 Open File
438AdministrationInspections of works/record to be carried out by authorities under NREGA29/12/2009 Open File
439AdministrationDevelopment_Harit_sarak29/12/2009 Open File
440AdministrationRegarding Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Kendra19/12/2009 Open File
441AdministrationRegarding wall painting17/12/2009 Open File
442AdministrationMinutes of Meeting regarding Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Kendra with Hon. Minister (RD)16/12/2009 Open File
443AdministrationInspection of MGNREGA works by NLM`s15/12/2009 Open File
444AdministrationDirectio for Coution of works under category 415/12/2009 Open File
445AdministrationMaternity leave Contractual Women15/12/2009 Open File
446AdministrationSanction of Individual Beneficieries15/12/2009 Open File
447AdministrationNOC_Sarpanch_15.12.0915/12/2009 Open File
448AdministrationNonextension_ContractPO_15.12.0915/12/2009 Open File
449AdministrationMinutes of Meeting regarding Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Kendra with Joint Secretary14/12/2009 Open File
450AdministrationNew system for material purchasing under MGNREGA14/12/2009 Open File
451AdministrationGPwith_maximum_material_EXP11/12/2009 Open File
452AdministrationDeployment_Handicapped_under_NREGA11/12/2009 Open File
453AdministrationPlantation_throughJFSC11/12/2009 Open File
454AdministrationEngagement of physically challenged person in MGNREGS.11/12/2009 Open File
455AdministrationWall Painting under NREGA04/12/2009 Open File
456AdministrationStone/Brick roads in lieu of C.C. road02/12/2009 Open File
457Administrationhelpline_12-02-0902/12/2009 Open File
458FinancialRegarding Proposal NREGA During 2009-1027/11/2009 Open File
459FinancialReconciliation27/11/2009 Open File
460AdministrationSAInstructions25/11/2009 Open File
461AdministrationProvide the information of works to Public19/11/2009 Open File
462AdministrationCitizen Charter (Issued by AR)16/11/2009 Open File
463FinancialRevolvingfund_GP16/11/2009 Open File
464AdministrationSAudit_Instruction_16-11-0916/11/2009 Open File
465FinancialNo_self_cheque_payment_at_GP11/11/2009 Open File
466AdministrationInstruction4_AAP_ 2009-10&Mate29/10/2009 Open File
467FinancialSanction 15 09-1026/10/2009 Open File
468AdministrationEssential register in NREGA at Gram Panchayat Level23/10/2009 Open File
469FinancialAdministrative_Exp_Block & GP23/10/2009 Open File
470FinancialAdministrative_Expenditure23/10/2009 Open File
471AdministrationRajeev Gandhi Seva Kendla AAP Year 2010-1123/10/2009 Open File
472AdministrationHonarium_of_PRIS22/10/2009 Open File
473AdministrationDiff_MPRMIS2008-0922/10/2009 Open File
474FinancialCicular_For_procurement21/10/2009 Open File
475FinancialPurchase_Committee21/10/2009 Open File
476FinancialHigher_Purchase_Committee21/10/2009 Open File
477MPR-MISMIS_ 0809_ Final16/10/2009 Open File
478MPR-MISonline MIS for Lather Material16/10/2009 Open File
479AdministrationCIRCULAR_reg-gen_irregularity15/10/2009 Open File
480AdministrationNREGA_JOBCARD_GOI_INSTRUCTION14/10/2009 Open File
481AdministrationCCUC_ADJUSTMENT_CAREPORT14/10/2009 Open File
482Administrationkaryasthal_pustika_from1.11.0913/10/2009 Open File
483Administrationlabour_payment_b4_diwali13/10/2009 Open File
484Administrationoutcome_SA_Bhilwara13/10/2009 Open File
485AdministrationGuidelines4disposal_discrepancyfound_inSA11/10/2009 Open File
486FinancialGuidelines Material Procurement after SA11/10/2009 Open File
487AdministrationUpdate_Instruction_for_Contractual_Staff08/10/2009 Open File
488AdministrationPanel of State Level Monitoring07/10/2009 Open File
489FinancialLabours_Payments_10-02-0902/10/2009 Open File
490FinancialMAT_Payment_10-02-0902/10/2009 Open File
491Administrationkaryasthal pustika30/09/2009 Open File
492Administrationnew MR format30/09/2009 Open File
493AdministrationPurchase medicine for first aid at workplace27/09/2009 Open File
494Administrationfilling_post_DEO26/09/2009 Open File
495AdministrationVarious Decission regarding Contractual staff18/09/2009 Open File
496AdministrationRegarding High Court stay for PO(On Contract)18/09/2009 Open File
497AdministrationGovt.Decision_for_Implementation_of_ NREGA18/09/2009 Open File
498AdministrationWeekly Off for Labour-Swasthya Chetna Yatra15/09/2009 Open File
499AdministrationDRP BRP Training under Social Audit15/09/2009 Open File
500AdministrationRegarding Contractual staff15/09/2009 Open File
501AdministrationModalEstimateEcoforestation15/09/2009 Open File
502AdministrationFeeding Difference between MPR & MIS14/09/2009 Open File
503AdministrationInformation_toPublic14/09/2009 Open File
504AdministrationMeeting_District_Vigilence_Commitee11/09/2009 Open File
505Administrationuse_of_media_NREGA10/09/2009 Open File
506AdministrationWork of Rozgar Sahayak at GP Level09/09/2009 Open File
507AdministrationHarit_Rajasthan_09-06-0906/09/2009 Open File
508FinancialC.A. audit report 2008-0931/08/2009 Open File
509AdministrationRestriction Regarding purchase of plant through private nurseries31/08/2009 Open File
510AdministrationMonthly Progress report of Harit Rajasthan27/08/2009 Open File
511AdministrationAdm. Charges increase 4% to 6%26/08/2009 Open File
512AdministrationSecurity of Plants in Harit Rajasthan Scheme25/08/2009 Open File
513AdministrationSanction of Roads through PWD24/08/2009 Open File
514FinancialReleases to Districts date 24-08-0924/08/2009 Open File
515AdministrationMinutes of meeting (Minister RD & PWD)24/08/2009 Open File
516AdministrationHarit_Sarak20/08/2009 Open File
517AdministrationRegarding Deployment and Training of MATE18/08/2009 Open File
518AdministrationMonthlyTraining2ContractactualPersonnel10/08/2009 Open File
519AdministrationMonthly squaring of NREGA funds at Gram Panchayat level10/08/2009 Open File
520Administrationeco_forestation10/08/2009 Open File
521AdministrationExgratia Payment to the Dependent of Deceased MGNREGA labour09/08/2009 Open File
522AdministrationPayment of Compensation under NREGA09/08/2009 Open File
523AdministrationRegarding_Purchasing_of_Plant07/08/2009 Open File
524AdministrationMinutes_of_XEN_Meeting_08-06-0906/08/2009 Open File
525AdministrationInstructions regarding organizing gramsabha 08.04.0904/08/2009 Open File
526FinancialComputer purchase through DGS & D rates29/07/2009 Open File
527AdministrationPurchase_Construction_Material_through_Tender27/07/2009 Open File
528AdministrationJob card issued regarding Widow women21/07/2009 Open File
529AdministrationEffective_Implementation_Of_NREGA20/07/2009 Open File
530AdministrationInstruction_for_effective_Implementation_Of_NREGA17/07/2009 Open File
531AdministrationProgress_format_of_Harit_Rajasthan13/07/2009 Open File
532Administration100 days completion under Amrita Devi Bishnoi scheme13/07/2009 Open File
533AdministrationRegarding Social Audit 7.12.0912/07/2009 Open File
534Administrationaap09-10_points2keep_in_mind10/07/2009 Open File
535Administrationchecking_roadwork10/07/2009 Open File
536Administrationproper_accounting_nrega10/07/2009 Open File
537AdministrationUpdation in MR, Job card, Cash book and stock register09/07/2009 Open File
538AdministrationProvide the information to Public09/07/2009 Open File
539FinancialReleases to Districts date 07-08-0909/07/2009 Open File
540AdministrationReaching_Gravel_Roads_to_the_Villeges08/07/2009 Open File
541AdministrationConditions_for_Contractual_Staff08/07/2009 Open File
542AdministrationUdate_Instruction_Regarding_New_sanction_Post08/07/2009 Open File
543AdministrationLabour Payments through Mini Bnaks07/07/2009 Open File
544AdministrationRegarding_Contractual_Staff_02-07-0902/07/2009 Open File
545AdministrationBan_on_Contract_07-01-0901/07/2009 Open File
546FinancialMinimum_wages_07-01-0901/07/2009 Open File
547AdministrationList_of_State_Level_Monitors30/06/2009 Open File
548AdministrationRegarding Old and Handicapped Labour24/06/2009 Open File
549AdministrationEffective_implementation_24-06-0924/06/2009 Open File
550AdministrationDuplicate_job_card_24-06-0924/06/2009 Open File
551FinancialFinancial_irregularities_23-06-0923/06/2009 Open File
552AdministrationAttendance in Mustor Roll22/06/2009 Open File
553AdministrationMeasurement_of_Workplace_22-.6-0922/06/2009 Open File
554AdministrationRegarding_Job_Card_19-06-0919/06/2009 Open File
555Grieviances RedressalTransparency_in_Nrega16-06-0917/06/2009 Open File
556AdministrationUpdate_Instruction_about_MAT15/06/2009 Open File
557FinancialTechnical_Bid11/06/2009 Open File
558Administrationsay_no_2_coloured_ads_4_IEC10/06/2009 Open File
559Financialminimize_delay_in_payment08/06/2009 Open File
560AdministrationReduce_the_Delay_of_Labour_Payment08/06/2009 Open File
561AdministrationRelated_to_Harit_Rajasthan07/06/2009 Open File
562AdministrationRegarding_Harit_Rajasthan07/06/2009 Open File
563FinancialCentral Share under NREGA 06.05.0905/06/2009 Open File
564AdministrationConvergence_with_other_departments 06.04.0904/06/2009 Open File
565AdministrationSingle bank account under NREGA20.5.0920/05/2009 Open File
566AdministrationLabour payment where deployment distance is more than 5 KM 20.05.0920/05/2009 Open File
567AdministrationDeployment of trained personnelsa only under NREGA 19.05.0919/05/2009 Open File
568Administrationdeployment of physically handicaped persons under NREGA18.05.0918/05/2009 Open File
569AdministrationIEC under Nrega 15.05.0915/05/2009 Open File
570MPR-MISOnline_MIS_ updation for FY 09-10, 14.05.0914/05/2009 Open File
571AdministrationHorticulture Plantation near Kunds 14.05.0914/05/2009 Open File
572AdministrationProviding of independent vehicles to AEn (CD) & APO (Engg) 14.05.0914/05/2009 Open File
573Administrationca_auditreport_2008-0910/05/2009 Open File
574Administrationblock_co-ordinator05/05/2009 Open File
575AdministrationClosure of Office after office timings 04.05.0905/05/2009 Open File
576AdministrationDeployment_of_labour_&_work_site facilities 30.04.0930/04/2009 Open File
577FinancialLabour_Payment_30-04-0930/04/2009 Open File
578AdministrationSubmission of Second_Social_Audit_Report 29.04.0929/04/2009 Open File
579AdministrationWeekly_Holiday for labours under NREGA 28.04.0928/04/2009 Open File
580GuidelinesNrega_Ranking 28.04.0928/04/2009 Open File
581AdministrationRevision_of_Cash_Carring_Limit of branch post masters 27.04.0927/04/2009 Open File
582AdministrationWork_time_of_Labour under NREGA 24.04.0924/04/2009 Open File
583GuidelinesHelpline_Establishment under NREGA 23.04.0923/04/2009 Open File
584Administrationworking time under NREGA 22.04.0922/04/2009 Open File
585AdministrationLabour_Payment system 22.04.0922/04/2009 Open File
586AdministrationInstruction_for_Effective_Implementation of NREGA 22.04.0922/04/2009 Open File
587AdministrationDisclosure of information to public20.04.200922/04/2009 Open File
588GuidelinesLevelling of Play Ground under land development head 22.04.0922/04/2009 Open File
589AdministrationPayment of NREGA labours through Post Offices and Bank only 21.04.0921/04/2009 Open File
590AdministrationEffective implementation, Increased public participation &Transparency under Nrega 20.04.0920/04/2009 Open File
591AdministrationInformation_for_People_20-04-0920/04/2009 Open File
592MPR-MISEffective_MIS_Implementation 17.04.0917/04/2009 Open File
593GuidelinesHelpline_Establishment_in_Districts 16.04.0916/04/2009 Open File
594AdministrationDated Signature_on_Muster_roll & other NREGA documents 15.04.0915/04/2009 Open File
595AdministrationFollow up system to be adopted for effective implementation of Group system after training of Mates 13/04/2009 Open File
596AdministrationModelEstimateWellRecharge12/04/2009 Open File
597AdministrationModelEstimateWaterHouj12/04/2009 Open File
598AdministrationModelEstimateTankaConstruction12/04/2009 Open File
599AdministrationModelEstimateFarmPond12/04/2009 Open File
600AdministrationModelEstimateBaghbani12/04/2009 Open File
601AdministrationModelEstimateDiggiConstruction12/04/2009 Open File
602FinancialUC_recordkeeping_under_NREGA11/04/2009 Open File
603FinancialList_of_GP_with_max_materiale_xpendnture11/04/2009 Open File
604AdministrationReservation_in_Selection_of_Contractual_Staff08/04/2009 Open File
605AdministrationDuties_of_BlockCoordinators06/04/2009 Open File
606AdministrationComplaintBox06/04/2009 Open File
607FinancialAccount_Assistant_04.02.0902/04/2009 Open File
608AdministrationHelpline_1077_31-03-0931/03/2009 Open File
609AdministrationSocial_Audit_works_31-03-0931/03/2009 Open File
610AdministrationNGO_Works_31-03-0931/03/2009 Open File
611AdministrationPWD_works_26-03-0926/03/2009 Open File
612AdministrationCement_Block_road_26-03-0926/03/2009 Open File
613AdministrationPaper_Complains_26-03-0926/03/2009 Open File
614AdministrationInspection_24-03-0924/03/2009 Open File
615FinancialMinimum_Labour_24-03-0924/03/2009 Open File
616AdministrationGroupwise Engagement and Payment to workers24/03/2009 Open File
617FinancialLabour_payment_20-03-0920/03/2009 Open File
619AdministrationDeployment_of_Lokpal11/03/2009 Open File
620AdministrationUpload_MPR_&_Harit_Rajasthan_on_Website08/03/2009 Open File
621AdministrationRevise_Instruction_for_Contractual_Staff08/03/2009 Open File
622AdministrationUpdate_Instruction_for_Contractual_Staff_under_NREGS08/03/2009 Open File
623AdministrationEffective Implementation of MIS under NREGA08/03/2009 Open File
624AdministrationMIS_workshop_Orders_held_on_09.07.0908/03/2009 Open File
625AdministrationAdd._Post _n_NREGA08/03/2009 Open File
626AdministrationDeficient_Rainfall07/03/2009 Open File
627AdministrationD.O._To_Collector_25-02-0925/02/2009 Open File
628FinancialPay_through_bank&PO_25-02-0925/02/2009 Open File
629AdministrationInstruction for Helpline22/02/2009 Open File
630AdministrationOpen_Tender_16-02-0916/02/2009 Open File
631AdministrationApplication form for APO (On Contract)09/02/2009 Open File
632Administrationccuc_issuance09/02/2009 Open File
633AdministrationEmployment of MATE under NREGA09/02/2009 Open File
634Administration Write Name, Designation and Date before issueing Completeness certificate09/02/2009 Open File
635AdministrationMaintain stock register for purchasing Constructed material09/02/2009 Open File
636FinancialFinance_Order07/02/2009 Open File
637AdministrationConvergence_with Forest department 02.04.0904/02/2009 Open File
638AdministrationConvergence with Forest department 02.04.0904/02/2009 Open File
639AdministrationBlock Coordinator04/02/2009 Open File
640Administrationdecentralizenursurydevelopment_guidelines10/01/2009 Open File
641AdministrationNon extension of contract of PO`s09/01/2009 Open File
642AdministrationBlock co-ordinator05/01/2009 Open File
643AdministrationContingencies01-04-0904/01/2009 Open File
644AdministrationContingencies under NREGA works for line departments 01.04.0904/01/2009 Open File
645AdministrationContingencies_under_NREGA_works_for_line_departments01-04-0904/01/2009 Open File
646AdministrationWorkshop_for_Technical_Staff15/12/2008 Open File
647BN Rajiv Gandhi Seva KendraTiming for Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Kendra07/12/2008 Open File
648AdministrationReg. Panel of Engineers05/12/2008 Open File
649AdministrationUtilization of Adm. Management Cost11/11/2008 Open File
650AdministrationTransparency and Accountability in Implementation of NREGS03/11/2008 Open File
651AdministrationGroupwise Engagement and Payment to workers14/10/2008 Open File
652AdministrationInventory of Water Bodies in District Renovation22/09/2008 Open File
653AdministrationInstruction for Annual Action Plan & Labour Budget26/08/2008 Open File
654AdministrationGroupwise Engagement and Payment to workers25/08/2008 Open File
655AdministrationDigging & Deepening of Wells in Category Four Works20/08/2008 Open File
656AdministrationGroupwise Engagement and Payment to workers10/08/2008 Open File
657AdministrationRegarding Repairing of Anicut and Checkdam14/07/2008 Open File
658AdministrationGroupwise Engagement and Payment to workers17/06/2008 Open File
659AdministrationPreparation of Annual Action Plan & Labour Budget10/06/2008 Open File
660MPR-MISOperationalisation of MIS10/06/2008 Open File
661AdministrationKey Performance Indicator of Project Officers09/04/2008 Open File
662AdministrationKey Result Area of Officers10/01/2008 Open File
663AdministrationRegarding Water Harvesting Structure05/01/2008 Open File
664AdministrationInternal roads and Drains in a Gram26/12/2007 Open File